Dental Accounts


A Client is only accepted as a "Square Deal" client if their only trading income is as a Dental Associate with limited investment income.

BASIC CHARGE - £ 320 plus VAT

This basic charge includes:

The preparation of the following from income schedules and expense vouchers:
- Income and Expenditure account
- Schedule D computations
- Capital Allowance computation
- Personal Tax computations showing tax payable/refundable for the tax years applicable to the accounts

A copy of the above for your retention.

Completing current year Tax Return and submitting same to Inspector of Taxes with a covering letter.

The fixed fee of £320 + VAT is payable in two stages, £192 before commencement of work and the balance on receipt of accounts.


Bank reference, mortgage and other references - cost per letter
Sundry necessary telephone calls - cost per call
Back Duty (investigations)

by agreement
All Square Deal clients' fees are fixed. Scale fees will only be increased once a year and we PROMISE not to increase the charges by more than 5% or the increase in the Retail Price Index whichever is more applicable

The Third Option alternative is available to all practices however large or small.It involves us giving a firm commitment on the level of fees before preparation of your annual accounts.
We supply you with a letter quoting the fee and setting out clearly the services included.

In exchange our firm will require:

- One third deposit before start of work
- One third on completion of accounts at the same time the fee note is rendered
- The final third within thirty days of the fee note

Provided these fees are paid in full prior to the receipt of the fee account (eg clients paying by standing order) there will be a 5% discount given on the quoted fee.
NB: No discount can be given after the fee account has been raised.

All fees are subject to VAT at the rate applicable when rendering the account.
Dishonoured cheques due to non -payment of accounts will be charged to the client at a rate of £25.00 + VAT
As is our normal policy, interest will be charged on any amounts not paid within thirty days currently at 1.00% for the first month and at 1.00% (cumulative) each month thereafter. Our rate of interest may be increased dependent on the bank base rate. We also charge for dishonoured cheques, as noted in our general services and fees booklets.